Do you often forget where you put the keys or what you were looking for in the fridge? It’s not necessarily a sign of cognitive decline – it might just come down to being tired, stressed or worried.


This is a pretty good article on our memory performance, with some good explanations and some good suggestions. I know this stuff is an issue for me. If it is for you too, you’ll get something out of this short read. ~Dave E.

  1. Warren Hays 11 months ago

    I find that at my age, 77, my mind like my physical body must be exercised regularly. I work out at the gym several time per week and read as many good books as possible. I also find that worry, fear and anxiety are the greatest enemy to my health, both physical and mental. Prayer is a great place to get my thinking straight and keep my relationship with God over all else.

    • Al Gray 11 months ago

      Bit behind you at 74 yrs old but agree wholeheartedly with your words !!! Not a problem keeping the physical side of it in shape and functional !!! Fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, depression lead to frequently riding an emotional roller coaster !!!

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