360Armor is a nationwide alliance of law enforcement officers (LEOs) who are committed to fitness and wellness for the benefit of their communities, their families, and their own personal lives too.  Its challenging system focuses on four areas of fitness and wellness: emotional (Heart), spiritual (Soul), mental (Mind), and physical (Strength). Membership is conditioned on a commitment to pursue fitness in each area, and help fellow members do the same.


The LEO work environment and job expectations are more difficult than ever. Doing the job right can come at a great personal cost. Waiting for things to improve is not the answer, but neither is giving in.  360Armor’s systematic “Armored to Withstand All” fitness and wellness approach is purpose-built to effectively contend with the LEO reality.


360Armor has regional chapters. All members have access to our secure online social networking and learning environment.

360ARMOR is a Christian-led charitable nonprofit teaching organization (Federal Tax ID 27-3952199). We exist to serve and support the entire police officer population and culture without judgement. We can be contacted at admin@360Armor.org.


360Armor is an alliance of Law Enforcement Officers pursuing optimal fitness on all fronts—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—to better protect themselves, their families, and their communities.


We see an American police force that is so fully prepared that it is unaffected by work-caused attrition, allowing its members to optimally serve, protect, and lead in their communities and in their own homes.