360ARMOR is a new cop-lead 501(c)3 effort to help Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) better withstand the challenges they’re facing today. On-duty and off-duty, the cop reality is unique, isolating and more difficult than ever. To succeed on all fronts, LEOs need to be fully equipped. That’s why we created 360ARMOR.


360ARMOR is a systematic approach for 360-degree police fitness and wellness:  Physical fitness, mental awareness, emotional strength, and spiritual wellness.


Our systems-based approach to 360-degree police fitness and wellness is different — strengthening LEOs and their families, and from there, the communities they serve. In our private online community you can hone your own 360 fitness skills and help others do the same. Network with like-minded LEOs, engage in topic-based discussion forums, calendared local fitness/wellness events, and peer-to-peer training, and more.


We emphasize intentional fitness regimens that support all aspects of the law enforcement life. Physical fitness and mental awareness are crucial, but so is emotional strength and spiritual wellness. Our learning environment is encouraging and challenging. While we are based on Christian principles of self-discipline and service, we don’t judge others’ beliefs. Based on their individual strengths, all members contribute. We are a supportive environment for all LEOs nationwide who want to achieve their best at work and in life.

Our Imagery

Inside the culture, a Law Enforcement Officer is called by the title’s abbreviation, LEO.  The lion (in Latin, leo) has been a symbol of courage that has represented police officers for a long time. Because of his own strength and courage, St. Mark was depicted as a winged lion. We base our four-pronged fitness program on St. Mark’s well-known heart-soul-mind-strength encouragement (Mark 12:30-31), and we borrow from his historic winged lion image too.  Sharing the same L.E.O. abbreviation, our Latin motto is Loricatus Evinco Omnia—“Armored to Withstand All”


Any peace officer that is lawfully commissioned or sworn to enforce laws with power of arrest is eligible to join 360ARMOR for free. Retired peace officers may join too. Membership is contingent upon the applicant’s acceptance of 360ARMOR’s terms of membership.


360ARMOR is an IRS 501(c)3 charitable non-profit teaching organization. While we are based on Christian principles of living and working, we are not a religious organization.  We are sustained through tax-deductible donations. To help this along, we have a separate 360ARMOR membership arm for the supporting public. If you support our vision to make LEOs lives better for the benefit of all of us, please consider joining us.