360Armor is a cop-led 501c3 charitable non-profit teaching organization. We’re a nationwide group of law enforcement officers (LEOs) who are committed to fitness and wellness on all fronts…for the benefit of our communities, for our families, and for our own on-duty/off-duty lives, too.  

Our challenging program is designed to push back against the well-known attrition of our occupation. It focuses on four areas of fitness and wellness: emotional (Heart), spiritual (Soul), mental (Mind), and physical (Strength). Membership is conditioned on a commitment to pursue fitness in each area, and help fellow members do the same.

Our on-duty/off-duty core values are Fitness, Wellness, Right-Relationships, Honor, and Balance.


On-duty and off-duty, we pursue optimal fitness on all fronts—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—to better protect ourselves, and to better serve our families and our communities.


We see an American police force that is so fully prepared that it is unaffected by work-caused attrition, allowing its members to optimally serve, protect, and lead in their communities and in their own homes.

360ARMOR Leadership

Founder/Director: Dave Edmonds, 30-year-LEO (ret.), Sonoma County (CA) Sheriff’s Office; Hanford (CA) Police Department.

Board of Directors: Pastor Warren Hays, Pastor JR Young, Pastor Char Broderson, Jeff Gilman; Sonoma County, CA.

360ARMOR Advisory Board

Dave Pedersen, 24-year LEO, Sonoma County (CA) Sheriff’s Office (ret.), Santa Rosa (Ca.) Police Dept.

Thomas Edmonds, 37-year LEO (ret.), Kings Co. (CA) Sheriff’s Office

Fran Sur, 13-year LEO, Los Angeles Aiport Police Department

Al Gray, 35-year LEO, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Vancouver, BC.

Mike Raasch, 29-year LEO, Sonoma County (CA) Sheriff’s Office,

Chris Spallino, 25-year LEO (ret.) Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

Stephen Wilbanks, 16-year LEO, Hall County (GA) Sheriff’s Office

Mike Kelly, 38-year LEO, Nacogdoches (Tx) Police Department

©2020 360ARMOR 360ARMOR is a Christian-led charitable nonprofit teaching organization (Federal Tax ID 27-3952199). We exist to serve and support the entire police officer population and culture without judgement. We can be contacted at admin@360Armor.org


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