Maybe you see it as your calling, but you chose this career and that was because of your values. But what about your more personal values, like your health, your wellness, and your closest relationships? In your noble oath to serve and protect everyone else, all too often those things can get left behind.

It’s no secret what this job can do to us and our families. We are society’s protectors and for better and worse, that sets us apart. Like our on-duty lives, our off-duty lives are a favorite topic of books, TV, and movies. After all, drama sells.

LEO attrition is well known. There’s plenty the government could do to help us manage it better,  but that would cost too much. So instead, you’re expected to pay. What we see and do is not normal and because of that, all too often this job makes us pay with our physical health, our mental wellness, our most valued relationships, and more.

Will you?

Built by cops, 360ARMOR is a new response. It’s a new model and program to help LEOs better contend with the realities of on-duty police work and off-duty LEO life. It takes commitment and effort, but since all of it goes towards making you stronger, wiser, and more fit to handle all that you’re up against, it’s also a great investment. Aren’t you worth it?

In our membership-based program, LEOs work together so that we all can withstand more. We’ll help you right-size your emotional investment in your job, sustain and build your most valuable relationships, and become stronger, wiser, and more fit on all fronts.

Sound interesting? If so, just like you took an oath to serve and protect your community, to join us, you’ll need to take one more: that to the best of your abilities you’ll pursue our on-duty and off-duty core values of balance, fitness, wellness, honor, and right-relationships with everyone.


To help get you there, we’ve built “The LEOhood”. It’s a powerful, nowhere else, LEO-only, secure online social networking and learning community. Inside, you’ll get solid information, encouragement, and support in physical fitness, emotional wellness, mental strength…and even spiritual fitness, too. After all, together those areas comprise the entirety of you, and if you try to live the LEO life without one of them covered, it’ll be that flank that takes down the whole.

A crucial part of our model and program is that every member is willing to help each other. That means that whatever knowledge, skills or abilities you have, you’ll not only list those things on your profile page, if asked, you’ll share them too. It could be job specialties, fitness expertise, family life skills, or even hobbies that help you recover. In our joint effort for all of us to be armored to withstand all, all members teach and all members learn.

We call it 360-fitness–achieving LEO strength, balance, and honor in all these critical areas. We gather the best information that’s out there and then share it with our members for learning and online discussion. The most important things you learn and master is how to right-size your emotional investment at work, how to prevent adversaries and detractors from getting the best of you, and how to build up your most valuable relationships so that you and your family can thrive. Join or start a specialized interest group, learn and share in our forums, attend an online class, video-meet with one-another, and more. For even closer mutual support, once your region has enough 360ARMOR members, we’ll give you your own chapter.

360ARMOR is a new take on an old and all-too-accepted problem, and we think it’s a good one. After all, when we LEOs are optimally fit and well, our own lives go better, our families’ lives go better, and all the lives in the communities we protect go better, too. Everybody wins.

We’re out to visibly move the needle on LEO attrition and LEO wellness nationwide, and we hope you’ll join us. 


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©2020 360ARMOR 360ARMOR is a Christian-led charitable nonprofit teaching organization (Federal Tax ID 27-3952199). We exist to serve and support the entire police officer population and culture without judgement. We can be contacted at admin@360Armor.org


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