Don Carson dissects a blog post about support for Pride Month based on the insufficiency of Scripture and argues that Scripture is knowable and trustworthy.


This is a long read and probably not for someone who’s new to Bible study, but it is an insightful and well-written article on how to fairly be biblically guided in cultural issues by the founder and president of The Gospel Coalition, a preeminent membership-based Evangelical think-tank. I’ll just add that I’m not saying he’s right or he’s wrong on any Christian ethics conclusions about lifestyles he’s making at the end, because except for those who intentionally choose and pursue  what they know to be evil,  it beats me if there is a one-size-fits-all right and wrong about lifestyles, or at least one that God absolutely uses and one that we can articulate with certainty in our judgement of nonbelievers (which we are biblically instructed not to do, but we do all day long), or even in judgement of fellow believers (and only when done in truth with love). Be sure to click the "Read More" link at the bottom of the first page, or you’ll miss the entire (long) argument. PS, my workout partner is gay and he’s not a Christian and even though we have different values and views, we’re the best of friends and we both know that God ordained our friendship. Under the lens of grace (which is the only way I’ll ever see the pearly gates), I’m at peace with God rightly judging me and him…and so is he. That sets the table for all of our discussion, and because of that, we both learn and grow. ~Dave E. 


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