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      I’ve been absent from the group for the last month or so, following a line of duty death (LODD) sustained by our agency. Despite our close proximity to Atlanta metro, Deputy Nicolas Blane Dixon was the first officer killed by hostile fire in our county since the 1920’s. He was 28, and he leaves behind a young wife and two sons, one 9 years old and the other just 4 months. We’ve had numerous officer-involved shootings in our jurisdiction in recent years, but fortunately we’ve prevailed in all of those encounters up until now. To say that it has been a tough month is a bit of an understatement, just as I’m sure it is for any agency that suffers a LODD.

      The outpouring of support from LE agencies across the country has been phenomenal, to say the least. For this we are truly grateful. The brotherhood truly showed up and stepped up. But what has been just as reassuring is the unbelievable support from our local community. In an age when it sometimes seems as though everyone is against law enforcement, our local citizens and businesses have come forward in a huge way to support the Dixon family and renew our faith in our fellow man. It is our hope that Blane’s widow and children will struggle and yearn for nothing in the years to come, other than the presence of their husband and father.

      I didn’t know Blane very well; we’re a fairly large agency (400+), so my association was limited mostly to his occasional presence at our training facility where I serve full-time. He was a recent academy graduate, so I came to know him first when he went through our Glock orientation class for Jailers who are preparing to attend the police academy. As you can imagine, we see shooters of various skill and ability come through that one-week course. Some struggle and fail, some do just okay, and some have it licked from the get-go. Then there are a few who are something else entirely. It’s a hard quality to explain, but it shows in the way they move and shoot. Hunters of men. Blane was one of those.

      I’ve reviewed the body-cam footage numerous times. Each time I ask myself if I would have done anything different. From the position of hindsight, maybe or maybe not. From the position of officer on the scene under that type of pressure- probably not. The bottom line is that Deputy Dixon was killed by an aggressive, determined attacker who fired numerous rounds (with only one lucky hit) while pressing the fight.

      In the end, this is the world we live in. The harsh reality is that we can do everything right, and sometimes the bad guys still come out on top. I truly hate saying that. I want desperately to believe that good always triumphs over evil, but I know in this world it doesn’t always work that way. But where we can find solace is that despite our preoccupation with the events of this life, there is another where good does triumph over evil… every single time. As we struggled to get through the funeral service, a young pastor/friend of Blane’s took the podium to share some words and the good news. He spoke of coming to know Blane, and how he came to him one day in search of answers and with a burning desire to know about having a relationship with Jesus Christ. The pastor’s words soothed my soul as he described how Blane came to know and accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I knew then that despite what happened in the darkness on July 7th, good had indeed triumphed over evil. Just as the grave had no claim on Jesus, evil can claim no victory over Blane Dixon.

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      Dave Edmonds

      @s-wilbanks360armor-org. Truly evocative words, Stephen. All things are not good, but I’m with you trusting that in due time, all things will work together for good.
      It’s a heavy cross we bear, but a burden shared is a burden divided. Sharing with you in this one.

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